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December 29, 2018

1 Simple Way to Get Your Brand On Point Tonight

Have you ever looked at a company and wondered how did they get clients? I’m not talking about in a jealous-hater-all-your-life-kind-of-way. But a sincere confusion of how a business owner who is less experienced and truth be told less talented than you get clients that sing their praises to high heaven.

You, my friend, are the real deal. You have put so much of your time and energy into your products and services but you aren’t getting the result you want. Trust me, I hear you. When I first started out I saw so many one-off logos that I knew would need to be replaced within months of a company starting out. I saw so many commonplace logos that looked just like their competitor’s logos. I saw flyers and advertisement that were literally from an online template. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hard work that is put into creating a template ( I have a series of templates in the work myself). But I saw designers using other designers templates as-is! No effort to make it original or customized to the client’s audience.

I was tempted to do the same myself. But I realized that is not the type of business I wanted. That was not the type of reputation I wanted. I had to take a step back, put on my big girl panties and realize that just having a quality product does not get customers to buy from you. Everywhere we turn we are inundated with poor quality, cheaply made products. Even the multiple types of media we consume have been degraded to the point of almost not recognizing it as an art. I mean, look at most reality TV shows. They aren’t filled with deep thought-provoking dialogue or even an original plotline for that matter.

But do you know what they do have? They have the ability to provoke an emotional reaction. And that is the same thing you need. You need to resonate with your audience. You, your service and/or product need to promote a positive feeling such as love, surprise, or joy or help to alleviate a negative feeling such as anger, sadness or fear.

How do you create emotional resonance though? How do you promote or alleviate someone’s feelings? How do you provoke an emotional response? Fortunately, I know exactly how you do that. And I’m willing to share the inside scoop with you. If you missed it, I previously discussed the 5 Reasons Why People Like That Other Brand and you should definitely go take a look. The article discusses the 5 reasons that people like particular brands.

When I first started I DIYed everything. I took advantage of all the free resources my little eyes could read. I was a madwoman pinning together bits and pieces of info from all over internet land. I really just wanted someone to tell me what to do but I couldn’t afford any 1-on-1 assistance so I persisted in my pursuit of free knowledge. If that’s you go-on-with your bad-self. You are an entrepreneur after my own heart and I have this free workbook to get you started in getting your brand on point. This workbook has simple questions to help you figure out each of your own 5 reasons.

But if that’s not you, that’s ok too. Sometimes you need a little more guidance. You are being pulled in a million directions and you just need help to focus your thinking a bit. You need some concrete examples, some fill in the blanks and some and some brainstorms and suggestions.  You are dealing with so much already (hello day job and needy family members). Who has the time or energy to really figure all this stuff out on your own?

If this is you, my friend, I have an email course that will walk you through each of the 5 reasons. It provides guidance on how you should be thinking about your brand, how to craft an intentional and effective brand as well as concrete action steps and practical resources to really get your brand on point.

The course will be launching in March but I am offering a limited time offer of 25% of the launching price. If you know you are really ready to do a deep dive into creating an intentional and effective brand I suggest you go check out the course.

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