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January 21, 2019

3 Signs Your Brand Is Not On Point

We’ve been talking a lot about why people are inspired to follow particular brands and how to make your brands one of those brands too. But sometimes you get so involved in the day-to-day grind of your business that you don’t even realize that your brand is not on point.

Hey! Yea you. I see you! Over there working your booty off on that new social media strategy. Look at those post! So pretty, so perfectly curated. Seriously, that class you took on what apps to use to upgrade your photos and create a consistent look on your page is really paying off! Your brand is finally on point!

… Or is it? You’ve doubled your normal likes and you even got a few comments. Yay for engagement! But when I ask is your brand on point what I am really asking is do you have a consistent, effective brand that inspires your followers to purchase from you?

… Crickets.

It’s okay though. Educating you on all things branding is my jam and I’m super pumped to drop some more knowledge on you. So I’m here to share three signs that your brand is not on point.

1. People don’t know what you do.
2. People don’t care what you do.
3. People don’t trust what you do.

Ouch. Reading that can sting. But I had to let you know though. However, I don’t want you to feel discouraged or like I’m picking on you. And don’t get mad. I’m your girl and I’m here to tell you the truth. Let’s not waste any more time in our feelings. Are you ready to get the real? Let’s go.


Sign #1: People Don’t Know What You Do

This one is pretty obvious. People go to your page and may even like all the beautiful pictures you post. But do they really understand what you do? You may be in this category if people often ask “what exactly do you do again?

A friend of mine shared an Instagram page with me and they had thousands of followers, multiple brick-and-mortar locations, and had even been featured on national television. All good right? Wrong. Their post included countless images of celebrities mixed with random pictures in their brand colors with their logo sporadically thrown in for good measure. Even their bio was vague and I wasn’t quite sure what they were selling. Such a page is heartbreaking for me to see because, for as much potential as this company has, they will never scale to what they could be until potential new customers can easily know what they do and sell.


Sign #2: People Don’t Care About What You Do

Well, the first sign may not be your issue. You make it very clear to everyone exactly what it is you do. But the real question is: Do they care? You may be in this category if find it hard to find leads. You put your shingle out into the virtual world but no one has come-a-knockin’.

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland you may be familiar with the “stores” along Main Street USA. Some of them are real; You can go in there and buy all the souvenirs your Mickey-loving-heart can handle. While others are just for show. They have a banner or awning announcing to the world what they do. But despite the advertisement, they will never actually make a sale.

Your brand will be like those shops, just for show, unless you can make your audience believe you are real. Give them a story that showcases why they should like you, the real human things. They need to know your backstory and where you are going. If they have no clue to who you are or where you are going why would they support you?


Sign #3: People Don’t Trust What You Do

Sign #2 wasn’t you either? No worries. I have one more way to tell your brand is not on point. People know what you do, they even recognize you as an authority and believe in the impact you say you want to have. But are they buying though? Are they supporting with their money? That may seem crass but realistically you are in business to make money. If you aren’t, your business is just an expensive hobby.

So I was eyeing this course on Pinterest marketing. I told myself that I was not in a position to afford such an expensive purchase at the time and I would get it either when it went on sale or when I had a really good month in my business. Months passed and I came close to purchasing it a couple of times but I never could bring myself to take the leap. Even when Black Friday rolled around the discount wasn’t enough to entice me to actually purchase it. Cut to a week later and I purchased a design course that I felt could up-level my skills. This course cost twice as much as the Pinterest course I originally deemed too expensive for months. But I bought it anyway. I bought it with no hesitation on the day it was released.

You may be thinking that I purchased this course so easily because it was a design course and I’m a designer. And that may be a small reason why. But the real reason was that I connected with the second brand more. I knew that brand valued education, quality, and practicalness just like me. I knew that I would be satisfied with the course because I trusted that that brand would deliver on its mission.


How to Fix It.

So I don’t mean to beat to a dead horse but the easiest way to fix all three of these issues and get your brand on point is to work on the foundation of your brand. People don’t know what you do because you never solidified your brand positioning so they aren’t able to focus in on what you do, People don’t care about what you do because you never shared your story to show you are an authority or your vision to make them want to support your purpose. And people don’t trust what you do because you never defined your values or mission so they can understand the structure of your business and can be guided in as a paying customer.

Don’t worry though. Like I said before, I’m your girl and I got your back. No matter if you are really into DIYing everything or if you need a little more guidance I can help you figure out how to get your brand on point. Grab the free workbook and/or check out the Get Your Brand on Point Course. Both are game-changers and will help you to inspire a loyal brand following!

  1. Kelli says:

    I loved the blog articles and I’m excited to try some things that are in them. I can’t wait to read more I was definitely in need of all this info and more. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Christa Timil says:

      Hi Kelli. That makes me so happy! I’m so glad the blog is helpful to you. I look forward to seeing you use some of the concepts in your business. ❤️

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