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March 19, 2019

4 Tips to Attract Your Ideal Client

When you hear the word “branding” what do you think? Maybe your logo, your colors, or even the types of pictures you include. All of this is a part of branding but your brand extends much further than that. One part of your brand that often gets neglected is your messaging. As you may have been writing your website, social media post, or emails you may have wondered “Am I saying the right thing?” If you’ve ever wondered this I’m going to share 4 ways to know if you are saying what your ideal clients need to hear from you.

Tip #1 – Be a Bish Fish In a Small Pond

Being a big fish in a small pond means that you become the go-to person for a particular niche or a specialized section of the industry. Specializing in something is important because it allows you to understand the intricacies and be a resource for a particular group. Having an understanding of a certain subset and can offer an experience tailored to it you become a desired partner. Consider this, if you are a parent looking to have your baby photographed are you more likely to go a general photographer or one who specializes in baby pictures. Chances are that you will likely go to the baby photographer. Why? Because they get it. They are an expert in working with babies and you trust they have the skills, resources, and experience because after all,  that’s what they specialize in.

When you are serving a particular niche you become familiar with the common struggles and will be able to speak directly to those things. You are telling your ideal client that they are seen, cared for and in the right place to get the results they want.

Tip #2 – Talk to Her/Him

Another way to ensure that you are saying what your potential client needs to hear is by talking directly to him or her. My suggestion is to find one person and keep them in mind when you are writing. I’m all for figuring out your ideal client avatar but I like to take a more practical approach to it. Find someone on social media you know you could help with your service. What does that person do? What do they like? What do you have in common with that person? How would you introduce yourself to him or her? What is the one thing you would want that person to know about your services? It is much easier to craft a message for one person than it is to try to talk to a group of people.

Tip #3 – Talk About The Results

This is probably the most important when saying what your ideal client needs to hear. Your clients obviously want to get results from your service but this can extend further than just the money they can potentially make from your service. The results include the benefits of your service too. There are 3 main types of benefits: functional, symbolic and experiential. Functional benefits refer to the actual problem you solve. Symbolic benefits refer to giving your clients a sense of belonging or meaning. Experiential benefits are about the experience you provide. It can be sensory or cognitive but the client finds pleasure in the experience.

Most services have a mix of all three and you should be communicating these to your audience. A purchasing decision comes down to more than just the logic of it, as many people provide the same service. It becomes about what feels right. And one of the easiest ways for your audience to know about the results your service provides is for you to just tell them.

Tip #4 – Make it Attractive

Another thing to consider when determining if you are saying what your ideal client needs to hear is if it is attractive. When I say attractive I am talking about 3 things: 1. What type of language are you using? 2. How is it organized? 3. Is it pleasing to look at? When writing to your audience simple is better.

All the flowery language and college vocabulary are unnecessary. For the most part, it should be so simple that a 5th grader could understand it. I know there are some things that are more nuanced and can’t be broken down to such an elementary level but the vast majority of your communication should be that simple. In addition, your language should infuse your personality. It should sound more like a conversation than an academic journal article.

As we are being bombarded with more and more information it’s more important than ever to organize your information in a way that is easily understandable. The use of headers, subtitles, and other types of formatting such as callouts, accents fonts, and color can make it easier to understand what are the main points and what the reader should focus on. Whatever you do to draw attention to the main points make sure it’s easy to read.

There are many aspects of branding but the most important is definitely the messaging. Getting clear on your message will make the biggest impact on your audience and leave them feeling heard, supported and ultimately wanting to pay you for your services.

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