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August 10, 2019

Why Vision Casting is Important for Long Term Success

Although I am a Christian and believe in the power of prayer, blessed oil, holy water, and other faith-based, ways of change and manifestation I didn’t really see the value in vision casting. I define vision casting as being explicit in documenting what you want to come to pass and includes activities such as creating vision boards and journaling. It just seemed so “woo woo” to me and I would have rather spend my time doing something more practical that I thought would create an “actual” impact on my business and life.

But as I started to work on myself and refine my business I discovered that growth didn’t just come through the “practical” work I was doing but included my mindset and required just as much, if not more, mental work as well. And because mental work is so hard and is often a rollercoaster of positive and negative mental states it’s important to have something tangible that can keep you on track. Having a vision keeps you on track in 3 very important ways. It gives you something to work towards, it keeps you motivated and it gives you a sense of accountability.

It Gives You Something To Work Towards

As is the case with any journey, the road you embark on as an entrepreneur is filled with ups, downs, twist, and turns. During this journey, you are sure to feel lost and defeated at times. It is in those moments, the one where you are questioning everything you are doing, wondering if you made the right choice, feeling like you are in over your head. It is in these moments that you hold on to your vision. Your vision reminds you of what you are working towards and why it is so important.

In connection with being your anchor when you are feeling lost, it guides your decision making. You know what you are trying to accomplish and why because it is documented in your vision. And because it’s documented you have a standard to measure your actions against. You can ask yourself if the action you are taking aligns with the vision you are working towards.

It Gives You Motivation 

A documented vision also helps to motivate you. Your vision is a reason to keep going. When you created this documented vision it included not just the material things or the structure of what you are building but it also included the positive feelings of accomplishment, joy, and everything that come with it. When you are feeling unmotivated you can tap into these feelings to give you some motivation.

Another way it gives you motivation is by providing an opportunity for reflection. If you are steadily working towards your vision you can easily get caught up in where you think you should be. But knowing where you were when you wrote your vision to where you are when you need that motivation should highlight how far you’ve come. This type of reflection produces gratitude for your journey and continued motivation.

It Gives You Accountability

Lastly, your documented vision gives you accountability by measuring your progress and holding you responsible for what you said you were going to do. When you refer to your vision you should be able to see the progress you’ve made. And if you haven’t made any progress then you know you need to shift into gear.

This documented vision also makes you responsible to those you have shared it with and who support you. It is usually easier to let things slide when you are only accountable to yourself.

Knowing that others outside of yourself believe in you and are invested in this should serve as a source of accountability.

Vision, by definition, is the act or power of seeing. Having a documented vision is essential in accomplishing your goals because it’s near impossible to hit a target you can’t see. A documented vision equals clarity and clarity equals power. The power to focus and build exactly what you envisioned.

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