I’m Christa Timil and I’m so excited for the opportunity to connect with you. My passion is empowering other women of color to build lasting legacies through their business. I know what it’s like to be marginalized but found that through my business I had the power to gain control over my life and decide what I really wanted for myself. 

You see, throughout my life, I was often “the other”. I wasn’t small enough, I wasn’t black enough, I wasn’t cool enough. I just... wasn’t enough. Having this experience built a fire in me that manifested as a being an advocate for others letting them know they are, in fact, enough. This calling initially manifested through my work as an English teacher but when I was laid off two times within two years I realized it was God challenging me to trust in him and use that fire to uplift my community in a different way. He was calling me to help women who are also made to feel like “the other” and let them know they are more than enough.

So as a brand strategist and designer, I specialize in working with service-based entrepreneurs, particularly WOC, to leverage their ambition, talent, experience and passion into successful brands by helping them to take ownership of their narrative and establish themselves as influential experts, positioning them to consistently attract and create meaningful and profitable client relationships.

I help women who want their own empires and are already committed to the hard work that it’ll take. Women who have gained traction in their businesses on their own, mainly through word-of-mouth, but has reached a plateau and are ready to take it to the next level. Women who want to stop running their business like freelancers and instead want to position themselves as legit business owners. These women come to Studio Keyes Creative because they trust me to be intentional about building their brands into lasting legacies. They know that I take a holistic approach to brand building that includes strategy, design, and copy and want to utilize that type of intentionality to grow their business. My vision is to empower these women to own their Melanin Magic and fascinate the world with it.

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